Experience and excel with the services we offer.

Our key Offerings

  • Service management - Support for overall operations through automation and implementation of standard IT processes & policies
  • Network security - Support for overall data networking, network management, network monitoring and voice support
  • Asset management - Support for infrastructure deployed in IT asset management
  • Server support operations - Management and operation of all server environments
  • CPU, memory, disk, swap/page file utilization monitoring
  • Service/process status monitoring (Automated service restarts under Microsoft Windows)
  • Event log monitoring and consolidation URL/Port monitoring
  • Basic (Up/Down ICMP) monitoring
  • Anti-virus management


Our goal is 100% uptime for each client’s technology environment. Our network operation center uses advanced event detection systems and SLA-specific responses to keep your infrastructure operating. SOC Experts outsourced NOC services are thorough and comprehensive – from initial setup to 24×7 support to post-event analysis and reports.

We provide SOC as a Service. Why?

There are many tangible and intangible costs to building a security operations center. A few of the more expensive costs when building a SOC includes:

  • Investment required for building the SOC such as construction costs, acquisition of equipment and staffing. Acquiring and deploying the multiple security solutions required to build an effective SOC can quickly derail a security program.
  • The Recurring expenses for operating the SOC such as salaries, maintenance, utilities, and training. The need to operate a SOC around the clock can significantly increase recurring expenses.
  • Cost of adapting to security changes including expenses such as acquiring new technologies to address new threats and staff churn. Unexpected costs can cause SOC costs to skyrocket quickly.

Focused Services

For our customers who would like a personalized level of support, our Focused Services provide a dedicated customer advocate and technical expertise to manage and prioritize case handling, root cause analysis of critical issues, proactive alerts and upgrade planning, recommendations and other tailored services.