PGP-CS Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SOC?

Security Operation Center is a special facility responsible for Monitoring and Analyzing an organization’s security posture. To give an analogy, SOC is similar to the intelligence team for the military. Similar to how the intelligence team help military in providing the crucial information to be prepared and protect the country, the SOC team is responsible to detect and validate attacks on an organization on an ongoing basis. People who work in a SOC are called as Security Analysts.

2. What does your company SOC Experts do?

SOC Experts is a 3-year-old cybersecurity consulting company that helps several organizations in building and operating their Security Operations. We help in architecting the SOC, deciding the technology platform and also deploy our expert Security Analyst at customer location. Since staffing and consulting is major revenue generators for SOC Experts there is always shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. So, to address this shortage we also have a training wing that help us to produce enough cybersecurity professionals.

3. Tell us more about the training

SOC Experts has a training called Post Graduate Program in Cybersecurity (PGPCS). This is a 6 months course designed to develop a graduate in to a cybersecurity professional. The course consists of 4 regular subjects and 2 optional subjects.

4. With the rise in demand for cybersecurity skills, there are several training courses offered by various institute, how does SOC Experts PGPCS stand out?

SOC Experts strength is our Training Methods. The PGPCS is a complete immersive and activity oriented learning platform. Here students do not study for marks or grades; instead focus on learning how to apply the knowledge in real world. The training is 70% hands-on. Few other features that set us apart are: - Industry relevant curriculum (we have consulted more that 70 companies to build the course content) - Strong emphasis on placements - Our strong Alumnus Network (more than 800 students are working in 130+ companies) - Campus Drives. - We are a 100% Placements Training Company.

5. Who can attend this program? Are there any eligibility criteria?

Anyone with a Bachelor or Master Degree can apply for this program. However, this program will be more beneficial for students with computer related academic background like BE/B.Tech (CS, IS, IT, EC), BCA, MCA, BSc (CS, EC). The only other eligibility is the student should have decent communications skills. We do not select students based on the academic grades. In fact, we have worked with several students with lower grades in degree and they all have found cybersecurity careers.

6. Which are the companies hire Security Analysts?

Almost every company, irrespective of the vertical, requires a SOC team. However, cybersecurity services providers like IBM, Accenture, TCS, Infosys, PwC, Deloitte, Optiv, Paladion etc. hire several thousand Security Analysts.

7. What is the initial package for Security Analysts?

This totally depends on the company. The minimum our PGPCS students have got is 2.8 LPA and the highest package stats at 7.2 LPA.

8. How can one join the PGPCS at SOC Experts?

Anyone interested in applying for the course can download the application form here The filled and signed application form should be submitted in person or sent through courier along with DD, within:
June 15th – For classes commencing on July 1st
July 15th – For classes commencing on August 1st

9. What is your advice to career aspirants?

Being in the industry for more than 13 years I can only see the career opportunities in cybersecurity growing day by day. This is one domain where there will be huge number of hiring in coming years. If someone wants to choose a career path, cybersecurity is the best. Instead of struggling with typical options like Testing, JAVA, SAP, CCNA, Dot NET, Python etc. choosing Cybersecurity will make one stand out in-terms of salary, job growth and job satisfaction.

10. Deciding between SOC Experts PGP-CS and Master Degree?

SOC Experts PGP-CS vs Master Degree

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