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in cyber kill chain there are 7 steps:

1. reconaissance: intruder picks a target, researches it and looks for vulnerabilities.

2. weaponization: intruder develops a malware designed to exploit the vulnerability.

3. delivery:  intruder transmits the malware via phihshing email or usb

4. exploitation: using the vulnerability,the malware begins executing on the targeted system.

5. installation: the malware install abackdoor in the system for the easy access.

6. command & control: through c&c, data exfiltration takes place.

7. act on intention: intruder initiates data theft, data corruption and data destruction.
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Phases of Hacking : 5

  1. Reconnaissance
  2. Scanning
  3. Gaining Access
  4. Maintaining Access
  5. Covering Tracks
$_1. Reconnaissance means gathering information about traget
     eg(email, phn_no, victims intrests, etc.,).
$_2. In Scanning where we scan for all possible vulnerabilitys for outdated versions softwares and open ports and more. 
$_3. After scanning for loopholes we try to hack into the machine.
$_4. So who wants to get out of the government  system. When it is vulnerable so we maintain access so that we can know all what they do.
$_5. Now if it's time to leave the computer because they knows that your in their system now we clear our trackes.

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