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1.Log Collectioncan generate millions of events per day. You need a tool that lets you quickly search, visualize, and analyze them all immediately when a security event occurs

2.SIEM (security information and event management)  tools generate alerts based on rules you set and present dashboards with real-time and historical visual analysis on the logs you collect.

3.Endpoint Detection and Responsecovers all servers and workstations and helps you identify processes that create security issues and domain-name system look-ups executed by user accounts

4.Threat Hunting teams find unknown or suspicious malware and network intrusions

5.User and Entity Behavior Monitoring -runs real-time analysis on users and entities (workstations and servers) to establish normal baseline behaviors.

6.Vulnerability Management proactively identifies and prioritizes security defense gaps, so you can quickly close them before a digital asset is compromised.

7.Deception Technologyapplies decoy devices using unassigned IP addresses to attract cybercriminals…and steer them away from your real digital assets.

8.Threat Intelligence Feedsprovide information to supplement all the threat information you are collecting internally on your network and stay ahead of new types of attacks.

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