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There are a allot but generally, I can mention a few !

  1. Sniffing the Network - if Threat Actor and you are in the same network and the un-encrypted traffic can be sniffed by "Hacker" and steal the data.
  2. Network Owner might steal the data - As you are in an unknown public network, the owner of that network might log whatever data going out of / coming into the network.
  3. Phishing - As it is a open network, Threat actor might phish us easily.
  4. Ads - Owner can even generate their own revenue by pushing ads to the network and might also spread malware.
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There are multiple security risks involved while using public wifi

1-Rogue wifi network-Here the attacker will set wifi network as honeypot in order to get valuable data.

2 MITM-An attacker will compromise a wifi hotspot in order to insert himself into the communication between the victim and the hotspot to modify and intercept the data in transit.

3 packet sniffing- An attacker can monitor and intercept unencrypted data as it travels through the unprotected network.
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More chances for the 3rd party that is the MITMA may happen.

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