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The work of CSIRT are

  • Additional in depth review of all IT security plans and procedures (additional pairs of eyes never hurts here).
  • Central communication point when incidents occur.
  • Can promote IT security awareness and can manage audits and drills.
  • Assist in evaluation of new technologies and techniques prevention and containment.
  • Provide risk management analysis of IT implementations and how it affects the organization.
  • Investigating new security vulnerabilities and threats and the most adequate response.
  • Perform the action of the emergency contact group for the organization.
  • Perform the role of IT emergency system management for all remotely stored system critical information such as: passwords, IP lists, network configurations, firewall rule sets, escalation procedures, etc.
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A Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT, pronounced "see-sirt") is an organization that receives reports of security breaches, conducts analyses of the reports and responds to the senders.

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