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Threat - A threat is something that may or may not happen, but if happens it has the potential to cause serious damage.


  • An activist tries to steal data from your website
  • A fire starts in your datacenter

Vulnerability - A vulnerability is a security risk in a software program that puts the program or computer at danger of malicious programs.


  • Common examples of Vulnerabilities include:
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injection
  • Cleartext transmission of sensitive data

Risk - Computer security risks can be created by malware that can infect your computer and put system and organization in a huge damage.

risk = probability x impact

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risk : potential for loss or damage when threat exploits a vulnerability

vulnerability : weakness in a system that can be exploited by a potential hacker

threat : someone with the potential to harm a system or an organization


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vulnerability: weakness in the security.

threat: something that exploits the vulnerability

risk: potential for damage or loss

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