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2 - interactive

3 - Network

4 - Batch logon

5 -  service

7 - unlock

8 - Network clear text

9 -  New credntials

10 - Remote interactive

11 - cache interactive.
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types of windows logon are found in windows security event log. logon types in windows server are:

  1. interactive: console logons basically.
  2. network: this logon happens when you're accessing file shares using SMB for example.
  3. batch: this is used for scheduled tasks.
  4. service:this is used for services and service accounts that logon to start a service.
  5. unlock: this is used whenever a user unlocks their machine.
  6. network credentials: this is used when logging on over the network when password is sent in clear text.
  7. new credentials: this is used when you run an application using the RunAs command.
  8. remote interactive: this is used for the RDP applications like terminal services or remote assistance.
  9. cached interactive : this is logged when users log on using cached credentials. 

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