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The world has recently been hit by Attack/virus etc. What have you done to protect your organization as a security professional?

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As a security analyst ill read that article and based on that ill update the dat file and ill suggest patches for vulnerability.
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Check if the AV vendor has released a signature or emergency signature for the new malware. Ensure all the systems have this new signature. Run regular reports to make sure 100% of systems and servers are compliant.

Identify the IOCs (File hashes, URLs and mail address involved, IPs). Use these IOCs in all possible devices (Firewall, Proxy, internal TI, etc)

Feed the IOCs in to SIEM and configure rules to trigger if any of the IOCs appear in your network.

Research on the malware and see if it is targeted to a specific vertical or region.
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as a security professional and also as the end user of the organization who will be exposed to the external threats, first i will do the security updates in my system and stop being an amateur by clicking every unrelated mails/spam mails and pop ups and monitor IOC's in my system and evaluate and report them.

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