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Consider a scenario, the network has become extremely slow, there are many escalations coming to service desk, what would you do a as security professional? Do you see a possibility of any security threat in this? How would you face this situation?

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As a security analyst, the possibilities of threats I can think of are,

  • Heavy traffic in the Network
  • Heavy traffic due to DOS or DDOS attack
  • Any bruteforce attack
To face this situation,
  • I would use a load balancer to distribute the traffic (requests) to different servers. (if it is a DOS or DDOS attack)
  • If it is any kind of brute force attack I would simply block the IP address of the source.
Fill in if there are any other possibilities and mitigations.
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This situation may lead to server crash!!

This can be controlled by analysing and filtering the packets in scrubbing centre

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